The Anthropological Gallery

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FROM INK TO OIL: Tor Nielsens project of transferring ideas from ink on paper to oil on canvas starts out with this painting titled, The Anthropological Gallery. Here Tor imagines an interior which is in itself a metaphor for human history. Partly an museum, partly a 2 dimensional abstract painting, partly a notepad with thoughts on history. The painting combines many of Tor Nielsens ideas from drawings, but then also introduces new unique elements to oil.

TOR: “It was a challenging painting to be honest, since I was going into deep waters without knowing what I was doing. But I find the result satisfying and what is most important – I learned a lot and gained much confidence in doing more work with oil. New ideas emerged which I will be following up on”.

The Anthropological Gallery. Oil on Canvas. 150x135cm. 2019.

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