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Tor Nielsen have almost predominantly done expressive fast drawings with little preparation. As an artist one of his skills have been his use of quick intuition. But with this stunning drawing, Rebirth, he is applying more analytical skills. Tor spend much time considering all the details from composition, background landscape, light and even the deeper meaning of a woman with a child.

The idea of the motif for the drawing came through an inspiration of historical painting. Madonna with the Jesus child has been a popular motif for painters through European history. Tor Nielsen was inspired by the powerful symbolism of a mother with a child. It connected superbly with his overall interest history and consciousness. Renaissance, Rebirth are both the same concept but refer to different ideas: Cycles in history and cycles in life. Is progress an illusion? There are several deeper meanings loaded in the drawing, while it at first strikes by it simple soft and caring emotion.

TOR:  “I am really proud of this one. Imagine if I one day can execute such a work but in oil paint. That would really be something!”.

See below details from Tors preparatory notes for the drawing., 

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