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Back in 2012 Tor Nielsen had the chance to experiment with oil painting. A mix of paper collage on canvas with oil paint. Each painting is 200x150cm.

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Using Ansel Adams zone system, Tor Nielsen tried his skills with the highly technical Large Format Photography.

TOR: “I was a beginner and each photo would take nearly 5 hours to light, compose and shoot”.

See here for a selection from his portrait and still life series

It was the rejection of his Phd. proposal on Consciousness, that gave Tor Nielsen the final push to decide to be an artist rather than working in academia. “Better to express aesthetically what we cannot understand scientifically,” Tor said.

TOR: “I find it comforting to know, that fundamental aspects of our Universe are still a mystery”.

Click here to see a selection of drawings from the consciousness project.

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Second hand objects are loaded with meaning. They carry a story. The Voodoo Sculpture was a part of a larger project by Tor Nielsen on using second hand objects in both photography and sculptures.

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