Large Format Photography

Tor Nielsen large format title

Spring-Summer 2011.

In the midst of finishing his BA in Philosophy, Tor was on the side reading about the differences between celluloid film and digital sensors. He wanted to fully understand if digital photography was “better” or not.

The conclusion? Tor found that by studying resolution nothing was superior to Large Format Photography. Arguments can be made that digital photography is superior in other aspects. At the end it depends on what you want to achieve. 

TOR: “I learned a lot from Ansel Adams. He said something along the lines of first imagining the finished photograph and then plan your way backwards. I used his Zone system for all my shots”.

Inspiration came from film noir genre and from wanting to use the high resolution of Large Format to capture the rich real details of second hand objects. Tor purchased a 4×5″ Toyo View 45 and a small lighting kit, changing his living room into a studio.

Tor Nielsen plans to pick up on the large format photography some day and continue his ideas. TOR: “I only just got started!”.

See below a selection of Tor photographs from the period.

Tor Nielsen large format photography 14
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