Ink Drawings 2019

January 2019.

No other medium like drawing allow for ideas to flow straight from the mind. In early 2019 Tor Nielsen decided he wanted to start a project called From Ink To Oil, transferring ink drawing ideas to oil painting. As a first step he wanted do a “Mega Brainstorm” and “Load his Brain” with ideas.

From this intense month of drawing many new styles emerged. These drawings are not thought of as art pieces in their own right but rather a catalogue of ideas Tor can return to when painting. There is a gallery style of obscure interiors, there is a style of silhouette shadows, there is a style of framed drawings next to each in a notepad style and so on.

The result was a massive stack of drawings. Here below you can see a selection. All drawings are either drawing in a A4 or A3 drawing pad.

tor nielsen ink drawings 2019 portrait 1