Childhood Drawings


As a child Tor loved reading comic books and was quickly inspired to start drawing on his own. Especially, the Danish comic book genius Claus Deleuran was a huge inspiration. But also Robert Crumb from the American underground movement had a big influence.

See here below some recently uncovered examples from the childhood drawings of Tor Nielsen.

One is a comic about “Peters Fish”.  Here Peter pours his pet fish in the toilet and takes a poop on them. In the last frame Peter is seen at the Pet Store asking to purchase a bird.

Tor also made a book called “Mensker” (Eng: Humans, but with a spelling error) with portraits of 15 different humans. The book portrays a diversity of human characters including everything from a General, A Brothel Madame, an Insane Person and an alcoholic.

There is also a front page for a comic book never completed. Tor boldly set out to make an entire comic by simply starting with the front page. Perhaps the task of finishing the whole thing turned out a bit daunting, when it became late afternoon and dinner was ready.

Already at this young age Tor Nielsen had an eye for humour and details. Noticing in the Peters Fish comic on the second frame next to the frame on the wall “Kunst” (Eng. Art) has been written on the wall. And in the book “Humans” there is a portrait of a “Man that just fell out of his helicopter”.  Also on the of the never completed comic called, you see a statue claiming victory while stomping on a chicken. A critical commentary about strongmen from a very young mind? Also the title is a subtle reference to something more meaningful. “Claes Glivsglad” is the name of the proposed main character. Yet Glivsglad is no normal Danish name. But take away the first “G” you end up with the word “Livsglad” which means “Happy for life”. Intricate little detail. And on the Bandit in black, hiding to left with gun ready in hand, there is another funny detail: On his hat there is a price tag says “Billig” (Eng. Cheap).

Tor Nielsen childhood drawings detail 4