Beyond Humanism


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IT WAS NOT LONG after Man settled into urban civilised societies that he discovered the transformative power of rational thought.

Thus, in the city states of Ancient Greece, Humanism took its first steps. And during the Italian Renaissance, this rediscovered culture of Humanism grew more distinct and refined, clearly separating reason and science from the ‘Darkness’ of religion and superstitious belief. A culture centred on human values and the power of rational thinking grew from these times: Humans praising humans, our history, our genius and our unique place in the Universe, calling ourselves Homo Sapiens: The wisest of all animals.

In our time, after the transformative periods of The Enlightenment and Modernity, Humanism still remains the dominant drive of evolution within our global societies. Urbanisation, population increase and technological advance are all the results of a continuously evolving culture of Humanism. Yet even with our accomplished scientific practice, the most fundamental questions remain unanswered. What in fact is life? How did it start on earth? And what our consciousness is – remain a total mystery.

In the exhibition “Beyond Humanism”, artist Tor Nielsen invites the audience to reflect on humanity beyond the idea of Humanism. He challenges us to be skeptical of the abilities of human reason and to see our part in something greater than ourselves.

Through a clever combination of paintings, drawings, video animation and music, Tor Nielsen have designed an exhibition which is a total experience activating all senses. And by his use of evocative imagery and words, he instills in his audience a a reflective mood. It is like a journey through a stream of consciousness. In this way the audience that becomes the final narrator in “Beyond Humanism”.  In which way does humanity best understand its role in the cosmos? Through science or art? With beauty or truth? With reason or creation? The answer is yours.

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tor nielsen platos cave portrait 2

Artist and Philosopher Tor Nielsen in his studio

tor nielsen alien background white on black
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“Dear Diary, Today I was thinking of Beauty…”