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Tor Nielsen was born at home on the Danish island of Taasinge during the winter of 1983. His parents came from the rebellious and free spirited generation of ’68. For the first part of his life, Tor lived in a train carriage as part of a hippie commune. The commune were living on the land of an abandoned farm in the picturesque countryside of Fyn. The community’s ideology was to live in contact with nature and away from what they saw as a materialistic society obsessed with consumerism.

The name of Tor’s home island Taasinge is thought by linguistic scholars to mean ‘the meadow of Thor’ (Danish: Thor’s Eng). In Nordic Mythology, Thor is a popular warrior and thunder god who lives with the other gods in the kingdom of Valhalla. According to ancient Viking myth, Taasinge was the place where Thor would come to rest among the humans when he was travelling to the human kingdom, Midgaard.

As a child Tor loved reading comic books and would frequently visit the local public library. The French and Belgian tradition as well as the American underground movement were among his favourites. With their adult humour, artistic visuals and social commentary, Tor found a universe that appealed to his imagination and young curiosity. He soon started to draw and delve into the depths of his own imagination to explore this curiosity further.

Today, Tor Nielsen lives and works in Berlin, Germany.